# Hack4good 0.6 Kraków

By Geekli.st

The world's biggest global hack against climate change

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#hack4good is an international hackathon series started by Geeklist.
Kraków will hosting this event together with over 50 cities world wide. Check other cities near you.

The #hack4good series focuses solely on uniting the world's greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders, and entrepreneurs to help make the world a better place by developing applications for humanity.

Hack against catastrophic climate change!

You'll get a chance to think on ideas like saving water, power at home, encouraging buying of local produce, reducing unnecessary consumption, promoting recycling, clean transportation, monitoring road & air quality, responding & alerting on crisis events.

Bring your laptop, get some sleep day before and join us.
We'll be hacking and coding for 48 hours to create apps & solutions that can change the world!

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The hackathon starts on Friday, 12. September, 2014 at 19:00. Make sure to be a little earlier in order to setup, making yourself familiar with venue, people and around.

How long?

The event will take 48 hours! Thats right, two day straight. Of course you can rest, take breaks. But we'll encourage atendees to maximize their performance and stay with us whole time.

What to bring?

Bring your laptop / device and dont forget the charger. If you happen to have spare RJ45 cables and connectors, bring them also with you. It might help you get better connection.


Our awesome friends from Hub:raum Kraków will host us at their space!

What will be provided?

We'll take care of you. On the spot you'll find water, soft & energy drinks, cofee and tea. We'll also organize something to eat for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

Anything else?

Follow our Facebook page & Twitter feed. We will provide more intormations about the event, rules, challenges & organization soon.


Basia Madej

Basia Madej

Programmer, WebMuses & TEDxKraków organizer

Robert Rachwał

Robert Rachwał

Mobile Trends Conference & Awards Organizer

Grzegorz Banaś

Grzegorz Banaś

Startup Analyst, Hub:ram Kraków

Kasia Mrowca

Kasia Mrowca

PhD student, member of the Polish Information Processing Society


Big thanks for the support from these amazing companies


Thanks for help from our awesome friends

API Partners

You can use their APIs to on the hackathon

We're still looking for more sponsors that will help us provide food and soft drinks for participans.

If you want to support our event, please get in touch with us at krk.hack4good@gmail.com

Big thanks to



Natalia Stanko Natalia Stanko @nataliastanko
Jan Kraus Jan Kraus @jankraus
Marcin Grochowina Marcin Aks Grochowina @mynameisaks
Lidia Cibor Lidia Cibor

Contact us

Get in touch with us at krk.hack4good@gmail.com or write to global organizers geekli.st team at hack4good@geekli.st